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Success Story: Sherard Smith

November 1, 2023

Seneca Place is excited to shine the spotlight on resident Sherard Smith’s Success Story!

Sherard Smith’s journey through his stay at Seneca Place has been remarkable. Sherard’s positive outlook, dedication, and determination have played major roles in his successful rehabilitation. When asked about his thoughts on the therapy services, Sherard responded with enthusiasm, saying, “We got to it!” As Sherard’s journey progressed, his abilities and mobility improved significantly. When asked about what he could do now that he couldn’t do before therapy, he proudly stated, “I can walk better and longer.” This achievement is a testament to his hard work and the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.
In advising other residents in therapy, Sherard offered wise words of encouragement, saying, “Listen and try!” This advice highlights the importance of active participation in one’s own rehabilitation process. By emphasizing the need to listen to the therapist’s instructions and put in sincere effort, Sherard motivates other residents to approach therapy with dedication and an open mind. His positive attitude serves as inspiration for others going through their own rehabilitation journeys. Congratulations to Sherard and his Care Team on their success!